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NEW YORK — In a time of uncertainty, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has become a prominent voice in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, and his nationally televised daily briefings are seemingly resonating beyond just New York.

His leadership strategy in a time of crisis has many now calling him “America’s Governor,” and at least one betting site has Cuomo ahead of Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee, if he was in the race.

“What Americans are looking for is strong, steady leadership, and by him speaking with that level of authority and sincerity, it really brings a certain level of comfort to anyone who is listening,” political strategist Basil Smikle told PIX11.

It’s similar to how then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani rose to the occasion following 9/11, with many apparently now leaning on Cuomo for that same guidance.

One political observer said it’s all bound to get under the skin of the Trump White House.

“He’s competing with the administration,” Scott Levenson, political strategist and president of the Advance Group, said. “This is a governor going against a national, presidential leader who is just not able to get out of his own way.”

But Cuomo’s newfound popularity isn’t being embraced by all.

His critics include actress Cynthia Nixon, who ran against him in 2018.

1) Governor Cuomo is insisting on cutting NY’s Medicaid budget

2) and is refusing billions for healthcare from the fed govt who won’t give it to him if he makes the cuts

3) during a pandemic where 5% of the global cases are now happening right here

— Cynthia Nixon (@CynthiaNixon) March 22, 2020

As for Cuomo, his goal right now is to get New York through this crisis, he said.