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NEW YORK — Rent and mortgage payments are the biggest check most people write each month, but making that payment could become difficult for many who are out of work or making less money during the coronavirus pandemic.

Wednesday, President Donald Trump ordered a freeze through the month of April on all foreclosures and evictions. The move follows similar actions at the local level, including in New York State.

What these directives do not do, is actually stop the payments from coming due.

The House Policy Council, a lobbying and advocacy group for most of the big banks, is putting together a program to allow people to defer mortgage payments.

“We think such a plan can be in place very quickly, but we also want to get the details right and be sure we are well-coordinated with all the appropriate government agencies before sharing any further details,” an HPC spokeswoman said.

As for rent payments, for now, it will be up to individual landlords to work with tenants on a plan. So far there have been no government incentives for building owners to cut their tenants a break.