Some local independent pharmacies offer vaccines in NYC


Lines are constantly forming across the city and state for vaccinations. People are also heading to their local pharmacy. 

New York state and federal guidelines allow pharmacies to dispense vaccinations to groups as they become eligible. 

Local independent pharmacies are taking the lead as they have established an important connection with neighbors.  

Felicity Pharmacy has been serving the Tremont neighborhood for 10 years. 

Priyank Patel, PharmD is one of the pharmacists on site and an owner of Felicity on East Tremont Avenue near Crotona Avenue in the Bronx. 

“The workflow is one part. The other is helping the local Bronx community to end this pandemic,” he said. 

They created a schedule on their website. 

He has been vaccinated and can talk to his patients about their concerns and recommend people sign up. 

Beginning the second week of January, the state has allocated about 100 to 200 doses a week or every other week. 

Some local pharmacies are helping administer vaccines door to door for those who are eligible but cannot make it outside. 

Steve Moore, PharmD is president of the Pharmacists Society of the State of New York. 

“It’s purely a supply issue,” he said. “We are excited to do what we can as they supply continues to expand. We’ve got that last mile to hit and that’s where community providers can make a big difference.”

Along with the state and city sites, check with your doctor or local pharmacy if and when you’re eligible for the shot.

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