Thompson Chemists a constant in SoHo community

Small Business Spotlight

SOHO, Manhattan — Thompson Chemists in SoHo isnt your average pharmacy.

Outside of its diverse inventory — which over the course of three decades has been built based on the neighborhood’s needs — this mom and pop shop has its own theme song.

At the helm of this classic New York business are husband and wife Gary and Jolie Alony.

While some businesses have scaled back hours and even gone on hiatus during these trying times, this duo has remained at their post since the beginning of the pandemic.

“We would never shut down,” Jolie Alony told PIX11. “We’ve been here for 27 years. We’ve been here through 9/11, we’ve been here through Sandy, we’ve been here through this pandemic.”

Both agree, abandoning their customers is out of the question.

“We are attached to what we do,” Gary Alony said. “We are attached to our customers and our customers are attached to us.”

While the pharmacy continues to provide an essential service at an essential time, the obstacles have been taxing.

They said they’re currently operating at just 10%t of their typical clientele.

“We are really hoping for people to come back,” Gary Alony said. “Jolie and I both grew up in the city and we remember the 70s — this is different.”

“We can’t go back [to that],” they said.

The business along Thompson Street, which many consider to be a slice of old New York, is forging ahead with hope, and they refuse to go down without a fight.

“We really worked hard on getting hard-to-find items and we created our own products that we really believe in,” Gary Alony said.

Thompson Chemists is located at:
132 Thompson St
New York, NY 10012

To learn more about their products, call them at (212) 598-9790‬ or visit their website,

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