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MONTCLAIR, NJ — Le French Dad in Montclair, New Jersey never stopped churning out doughy goodness, even in the darkest days of the pandemic.

From baguettes to croissants and everything in between, the family run artisanal bakery along Church Street hasn’t skipped a beat.

At its helm is Arben Gasi, a French man who now calls the Garden State home.

He first opened up in 2019 with a desire to bring culture and a sense of tradition to the community — something that has become invaluable in recent months.

“Our whole philosophy is based on that,” Gasi said. “To be an integral part of someone’s every day life.”

It started as a hobby for Gasi, but it became his passion.

“You know it was about finding that comfort in a very uncomfortable situation really,” he said.

The smell of pastries and freshly baked bread are overwhelming when you step foot inside his shop, which has gone into over drive for the holiday season.

As COVID cases continue to rise, Gasi and his team say they will adhere to any new guidelines that are issued, including a mask mandate which was just announced in Montclair.

But as long as the demand is there for their goods – they will keep the oven on.

Le French Dad Boulangerie

 10 Church Street

Montclair, NJ  07042

(973) 746-0288