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MIDTOWN MANHATTAN — It’s a place where not everybody will know your name — but they will most certainly know your song.

Keats Bar on the East Side of Manhattan has been encouraging locals to eat, drink and sing for four decades.

Situated on Second Avenue and 45th Street, the beloved karaoke bar has long been an outlet for workers ending their day at the nearby United Nations, who are looking to catch the game or belt out a tune.

“People would come and celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries and different things,” Keats GM Shawn Dowl told PIX11. “So when COVID hit, it destroyed the vibe.” (A laid back vibe that has helped the bar thrive even through the darkest days.)

But Dowl said for a good part of a year, a cloud of concern hovered over the bar, which was paralyzed by statewide restrictions.

“Without the U.N. and without karaoke, pretty much we were stranded,” he explained.

In addition to federal loans, Keats Bar was able to get by on the strength of takeout and minimal outdoor dining.

But on April 2, when Gov. Andrew Cuomo relaxed restrictions at entertainment venues, it gave Keats the green light to startup karaoke again.

Among the bar’s top priorities  — keeping customers safe.

From getting their staff fully vaccinated, to even offering protective mic covers to those who request them, the bar is determined to keep the music playing.

Keats Bar
842 Second Ave
New York, NY  10017
(212) 682-5490
IG: keatsbarNYC