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Founder: Karina Melo

Founded in: May 5, 2015

Based in: Valley Stream, Long Island

Link to website:

When Karina Melo first opened K-Fit Boutique in 2015, her vision was clear: Create a private fitness space for women of all fitness levels in an environment that is both safe and inclusive.

What started as one-on-one sessions in her garage eventually grew to a storefront boutique gym in Valley Stream, Long Island.

K-Fit location
K-Fit location

“Our mission is to remove all the parts of the gym that make women shy and self-conscious about joining and instead make the gym a very friendly environment so that people feel comfortable coming,” Melo said.

Now, Melo’s boutique gym has joined other local small businesses that have been forced to close doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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“This is a time of the year where we were supposed to be super busy because everyone is getting ready for the summer and it’s going to affect us a lot,” Melo said.

Although this unforeseen change has impacted Melo’s business tremendously, she continues to use her business as the motivational voice for her Long Island community.

K-Fit quote
K-Fit quote

“Right now, what we have to worry about is how we feel,” Melo said.

Melo’s company has even taken virtual steps to connect with users, offering online classes that anyone can join in on.

Online users can sign up for a four-week lifestyle and wellness program called Jumpstart, dedicated to making sure those at home are investing time into taking care of their mental and physical well being.

Today, Melo says one of the best ways to help support her business is by purchasing merchandise from her site or joining the Jumpstart program.

In addition, you can support her company by joining on her free training sessions via her company’s Youtube channel, Instagram account or Facebook page.

While continuing to work on uplifting her community, she leaves this message of hope for her Valley Stream neighbors: “Let’s continue to stay inside and let’s continue to stay healthy and help each other be strong together. This is our new reality for right now; let’s make the best of it. Let’s adapt so that we can come back stronger and better.”

Message of hope
Message of hope