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NEW YORK — The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on communities of color.

One out of every 645 Black Americans have died due to covid-19, according to the APM research lab.

Though there are vaccines available, the hardest-hit group is less likely to get vaccinated.

That’s why Dr. Olajide Williams, founder of hip hop public health and Grammy award-winning music artist Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run DMC teamed up.

They discuss the launch of their “Community Immunity” initiative with a series of five videos designed to educate people about the vaccine:

WHAT ARE VACCINES AND HOW DO THEY WORK? Highlights the power of vaccines, which have all but eliminated diseases that once sickened, crippled or killed millions of people every year, including smallpox and polio. The two current COVID-19 vaccines are more than 90% effective at protecting the recipient (9 of 10 people won’t get sick if they get both doses of the vaccine).

ARE VACCINES SAFE AND HOW DO WE KNOW THIS? Despite the speed of vaccine development (which has prompted many to question whether a vaccine for COVID-19 is safe and effective), very strict science, regulations, and transparency was enforced during vaccine development and data safety monitoring. Even after a COVID-19 vaccine is approved, the FDA, CDC, healthcare systems and vaccine developers will continue to monitor the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine for years.

WHAT ARE THE COMMON VACCINE MYTHS, MISPERCEPTIONS? Addresses misinformation and how this has affected people’s trust, and addresses fears with facts. “This is not just a moment of truth; it is a moment for truth.”

GETTING A VACCINE IS A BETTER DEFENSE THAN GETTING INFECTED WITH COVID-19 Which puts you at risk of severe infection, protracted illness, and death. This video also emphasizes that one of the most important tools to save Black lives right now is vaccination.

WHAT CAN I EXPECT IF I TAKE THE VACCINE? Describes transient reactions to vaccination and emphasizes the importance of returning for the second shot (for the two currently approved Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in the United States) for community immunity. Defines herd immunity as community immunity. Getting both shots is not just about me, it is also about us.

For more information, visit Hip Hop Public Health’s website.