Ron Kim calls Cuomo an ‘abuser,’ confident in justice for nursing-home coverup

Cuomo Crisis

NEW YORK — New York Assemblyman Ron Kim spoke to the PIX11 Morning News about the “borderline harassment” he faced from Gov. Andrew Cuomo after criticizing his administration’s handling of COVID-19 in nursing homes.

Kim alleged that in a phone call last week, Cuomo threatened to ruin his reputation and political career if he did not fall in line.

The Queens lawmaker, who is also the chair of Aging Committee, told PIX11 he has call logs, voice mails and text messages that show Cuomo’s “relentless attempts” to get in touch with him.

The governor used a Wednesday phone briefing to blast Kim being one of nine Democratic assembly members to sign onto a letter to the Assembly seeking support for a bill to remove Cuomo’s emergency powers.

“That’s the least we should be doing,” Kim said Friday. “We need to hold him accountable. We do that because we need to protect the integrity of the State Senate, the State Assembly, the State Legislature, so we can actually be a check and balance, and do our job.”

Some officials have called for the governor’s impeachment, but Kim stopped short of vocalizing his personal support for it.

“There should be a process. It’s not up to me. It’s up to my Democratic conference and colleagues, but my members are building consensus around that as we speak,” Kim said.

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