Safety precautions for children returning to day care centers

Getting Back To Work
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NEW YORK — New York is edging a little closer to normal with another 300,000 people heading back to work.

Many parents are left with the decision of how to find safe child care.

Dr. Lawrence Klienman, a pediatric specialist at Rutgers, is concerned about the impact a hasty reopening will have on children and said research supports that point of view.

“While it’s not yet peer reviewed, and we have not yet published it, it’s highly suggestive that children play a role, an important role in the transmission of this illness,” Klienman said.

Simona Santos has been running Bright Children Childcare for 10 years, and her staff typically practices a rigorous sanitization routine.

Now, she said cleaning is non-stop as day care workers keep up with those tiny, curious fingers.

“Children are not even allowed touch toys that another child touches, not even if they put it in their mouth. If they touch it, we have to put it aside and wash it, and they can use it the next day.”

Her employees are wearing face masks around the clock, as suggested by the CDC child care guidelines, and they’re practicing social distancing with the children.

“Instead of having 12, we can only have six [kids], which is also hard because we need more kids to have full staff,” Santos said.

Dr. Keinman urges parents to regularly monitor their children for symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath and fever.

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