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NEW YORK — Getting back to work might not be a simple during a pandemic, but there’s hope on the horizon, one expert said.

As some New Yorkers head back to work, Mathieu Stevenson, CEO of is optimistic about future job growth and employment.

He’s seen a 580% increase in warehouse and delivery positions.

“One of the promising signs is that there has actually been, in the last three weeks, an increase of 16% on more than 300,000 jobs,” he said, “which is a really great sign of economic recovery.”

In the last three months, 88% of his clients have increased their staff, he said.

Stevenson notes that even with high unemployment, there’s been a 30% decrease in job searches since March.

But he emphasized that employers are still adding new positions to their workforce.

“There are new jobs that are now being created. Within grocery stores, you’re seeing cart sanitization associates and you have social distancing associates,” he said.

Glassdoor reported the top industries hiring are accounting, manufacturing, retails, health care, and computer software.

Overall, experts are encouraging applicants to market themselves broadly, and not to shy away from industries you may not be familiar with.

“What I hear time and time again,” Stevenson said, “is that they care far more about the individual than necessarily what industry that person came from.”

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