New work from home job opportunities people should be on the lookout for

Getting Back To Work
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Work-from-home jobs are on the rise and there are opportunities for those seeking employment.

The shutdown has caused tens of millions of Americans to lose their jobs. In major metropolitan cities such as New York, the unemployment rate hovers at around 20 percent. Finding a job right now may be difficult, but there are industries hiring.

Brie Reynolds is career development manager at, a job search platform that focuses on remote positions.

“Pretty much anyone can work from home,” said Reynolds. “But there are some ideal traits and skills that would make you a really good remote worker.”

FlexJobs started in 2007 and has been at the forefront of helping people find work-from-home positions. Since the shutdown began, they’ve seen growing confidence from companies that working remotely is effective and there are promising trends for job seekers. FlexJobs is completely remote. Their employees are in cities all over the country.

“There’s a really big variety of the jobs you can do from home right now,” said Reynolds. “You can do really well with remote work and be very productive and creative and have good collaboration even if everyone is in a completely different location.”

Some people may choose to work from home because it’s a better fit for them or their families, such as individuals with a chronic illness or a worker who is a caregiver for an elderly parent. Work from home may also be a better fit for parents whose children may continue remote learning in the fall; the flexible work hours may be more suitable.

According to Reynolds, here are some in-demand remote jobs right now.

  • COMPUTER OR IT – technical support positions
  • ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE – traditional in-office jobs that have now transitioned to remote-based jobs
  • EDUCATION AND TRAINING – with many students learning from home, there is a large volume of educator roles
  • RETAIL – there has been a big uptick in retail jobs as companies move away from brick and mortar stores
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – positions in this category are also on the rise

“Customer service is one that we are seeing across the board,” said Reynolds. “It’s also one that has lower barriers to entry, so the number of people who may qualify for a customer service job is pretty high.”

There are also jobs of born out of the pandemic crisis, including employment as a contact tracer. Tracers identify people who’ve been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19.

Mental health counselors are also in demand given the stress of life during the outbreak.

“We’ve seen a big uptick not surprisingly in remote therapy positions,” said Reynolds. “That’s actually the number one position that has increased on the FlexJobs site.”

Once you get that job, Reynolds says there are tips to maximize your productivity.

  • Create a designated workspace in your home
  • Keep to a daily schedule for structure
  • Communicate

“If you’re someone who’s a really strong communicator and you’re (used to) talking to your colleagues from a distance or you’re emailing,” said Reynolds. “If you can communicate that way, you’re probably going to be a good remote worker.”

Experts also advise treat your remote job with the same work ethic as you would an in-office job.

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