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NEW YORK — New York City has been officially back to work for three days.

Phase 2 of the reopening is bringing some people back to the office but it certainly is not business as usual.

Dino Fusco is the chief operating officer for Silverstein Properties, which owns and manages the World Trade Center Complex. He’s confident more and more people will be returning to offices and working together.

“If you look at other cities around the world that are ahead of us, they’re 80 to 90% occupied and people are back to work,” he said.

Employees and guests have to wear masks unless they’re alone in an office. Barriers and hand sanitizer stations are everywhere. Work schedules are staggered and many employees continue to work from home.

Silverstein employees interact with apps that are also available to tenants in all the buildings.

One of them, called Dojo, locates where people are on the floor and alerts if too many people are gathered in an area. It helps with scheduling and monitoring which employees interact with one another.

While some businesses have opted for temperature scans at the front door, there’s new technology that has employees checking health information at home.