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NEW YORK — With New York City’s Homecoming Week less than a month away, Mayor Bill de Blasio shared a major update to plans for the previously announced star-studded Central Park concert.

“It’s New York City. We’re not satisfied with one concert, in one borough,” de Blasio said at his press briefing Thursday. “Surely, that is not enough.”

The mayor then announced there would be four additional concerts, one in each of the outer boroughs, in the days leading up to the big show in Manhattan.

“Five iconic, extraordinary concerts,” an enthusiastic de Blasio said. “I am issuing a FOMO alert,” he added with a smile.

Mayor Bill de Blasio issues "FOMO Alert"
Mayor Bill de Blasio issues a “FOMO alert” while announcing there will be concerts in each borough during Homecoming Week on July 22, 2021. (NYC Mayor’s Office on YouTube)

While legendary music producer and executive Clive Davis is producing the Central Park show, the Universal Hip Hop Museum is in charge of curating the outer borough concerts.

“We have some great shows planned…With great performers from all different genres, including hip-hop, Latin, freestyle, dance, R&B, techno and funk,” said Rocky Bucano, founder and president of the museum.

While no new performers were announced Thursday, Bucano added that “iconic names, the biggest names in hip-hop,” were lined up for the shows.

Dates and venues for the Homecoming concerts across New York City:

  • The Bronx – Orchard Beach – Monday, Aug. 16
  • Staten Island – Richmond County Bank Ballpark – Tuesday, Aug. 17
  • Brooklyn – Brooklyn Army Terminal – Thursday, Aug 19
  • Queens – Forest Hills Stadium – Friday, Aug. 20
  • Manhattan – The Great Lawn in Central Park – Saturday, Aug. 21

De Blasio was not fazed when asked Thursday if it was potentially dangerous to encourage New Yorkers to swarm to the city amid a delta variant-driven uptick in new cases.

“Not if they’re vaccinated,” the mayor responded, once again urging New Yorkers to go get vaccinated.

“We’re not going to cower. We’re gonna go address the problem,” he added.

As of Thursday morning, 70% of all adults in New York City had received at least one vaccine dose, de Blasio said.

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