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NEW YORK — Find the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic in New York state and New York City, including data on positive cases and other indicators, and information from local officials.

NY loosens COVID restrictions

Beginning April 26, museums and zoos can increase capacity to 50% and movie theaters can increase to 33%, the governor said. Additionally, large indoor arenas can raise capacity to 25% on May 19, ahead of the NBA playoffs.

Gov. Cuomo holds NY COVID-19 briefing

Daily COVID-19 indicators – April 18

  • Statewide positivity: 2.94%
    • Seven-day average: 2.85%, the lowest since Nov. 13, or pre-holiday surge
  • Test results reported: 147,583
  • Statewide deaths: 44
  • Statewide hospitalizations: 3,783 (+29)
    • ICU patients: 836 (-13), the lowest since Dec. 4, or pre-holiday surge aftermath
    • Intubations: 521 (+1)

NY vaccines update

  • 13,428,920 total doses given so far in New York
    • 8,326,432 at least one dose
    • 5,659,417 fully vaccinated

NY reopening updates

  • Museum and zoo capacity raises to 50% on Monday, April 26
  • Movie theater capacity raises to 33% on Monday, April 26
  • Large indoor arena capacity raises to 25% on May 19, before NBA playoffs begin

Mayor de Blasio gives NYC COVID-19 update

Vaccines in NYC

  • 106,528 vaccinations administered Friday
  • Total doses: 5,746,378 
  • Walk-up vaccinations available for those 50 and older
    • New site: American Museum of Natural History (Beginning Friday, April 23)
    • Available for all, with priority to cultural workers and people in public housing, museum staff

Climate change in NYC

  • Earth week: Bring back NYC and build a better future without fossil fuels
  • Mayor speaks against power plants in Astoria and Gowanus

Fairness for students

  • $600 million annual investment in schools to reach 100% of the Fair Student Funding floor
  • Support for mulit-lingual students, kids with disabilities
  • Money for principals to make decisions in their schools
  • Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter: “For years our students were short changed not millions, but billions of dollars.”
    • All NYC public schools will receive their fair share of funding
  • Speaker Corey Johnson: This is a historic milestone for our city. 
  • Councilmember Mark Treyger: With funding, a school can hire more teachers and social workers and have smaller classrooms, and have more resources. “

Daily indicators (lagged info due to technical issue — info is from April 16)

  • COVID Hospitalizations: 163 (57% positivity rate)
  • Hospitalization rate per 100,000, 7-day average (NYS): 2.71
  • New reported COVID-19 cases on 7-day average (including probable cases): 2,384
  • 7-day rolling average: 4.91%


  • Walk-in vaccine sites – there are sites across all 5 boroughs, what’s stopping people from walking into every single site?
    • The goal is to make vaccinations as convenient as possible. We’re still working on it. We also want to be careful with long lines
  • Schools- principals sending letters saying the 3-ft rule may not happen?
    • Mayor: We want clear and consistent communication with our parents. For kids in middle and high school — it’ll still follow the six-feet rule. Some elementary schools will still do 6 feet and still accommodate 5-day-a-week schooling.
    • Chancellor: There are a few schools that need to move to 3 feet, and we’re discussing that with officials and parents. We’re ready to welcome the 51,000 students who chose to opt-in.
  • Johnson & Johnson latest
    • We’re hoping for more information sooner than later.
  • Pfizer possible booster shots: If I got Pfizer shots, would i have to get Pfizer booster shots or can I get Moderna?
    • Dr. Jay Varma: We know that the current vaccines work at preventing severe infections and death. The duration of protection lasts at least 6 months. It means people should get vaccinated now and shouldn’t wait.
    • Unsure of when and where they’ll be needed or if we can use a particular brand. Likely that you won’t have to stay allied with a particular brand. 
  • Climate week: There’s been a lot of reporting that climate efforts have gone down due to the pandemic. How has the past year affected NYC’s plans of going green?
    • Locally, we hate that there was a pandemic. With it, came an alignment with the slowdown of activities that involved fossil fuels.
  • Do you think the pause in J&J has caused hesitation in getting vaccines etc?
    • The developments with J&J haven’t helped with people’s hesitation. Eventually, the day will come that getting appointments isn’t a struggle. The good news outways the bad: people can get appointments when it works for them. 
  • Protests anticipated with Chauvin trial: NYPD tactics – including helicopters)
    • There is a place where police need to use helicopters. With protests, it should be used sparingly. We’re having conversations with NYPD. 
  • Funding in NYC schools etc. Do you think NYC schools are at full capacity funding wise? 
    • This is about our kids. I don’t think there’s a thing at full capacity. I don’t think of it as money, I think of it as a tool to help our kids. Is it sustainable? We have to create something that’s sustainable after the next few years.
    • Porter: Asking if it’s enough — it pushes us to think when is it enough? We need to put our feet forward in continued resources and progression.
  • Times Square – Concerns over things going on in recent months, including crime and homelessness. What is the plan to move Times Square forward?
    • I’m hopeful. We’re working to address homelessness. We’re going to double down and we also want to improve on businesses – providing resources and etc.  

Curfew easing for NY bars, restaurants

Starting Monday, bars and restaurants across will be able to stay open an extra hour, until midnight. Business owners had pleaded for the 11 p.m. curfew to be lifted, saying the COVID-19 restrictions were hurting business.

Latest official numbers

As of Monday, there were 1,989,268 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since March 2020 and 41,530 fatalities, according to data from the state.

COVID-19 timeline: How novel coronavirus spread

Tips to protect yourself and others amid coronavirus outbreaks

The New York state coronavirus hotline is 1-888-364-3065; information is also being posted here