NY COVID latest: Monday, April 12, 2021


NEW YORK — Find the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic in New York state and New York City, including data on positive cases and other indicators, and information from local officials.

School graduation ceremony guidelines in NYS:

  • Effective May 1
  • Rules are dependent on size and location of the ceremony
  • Outdoor events:
    • Large-scale ceremonies of 500 people: 20% of the venue’s capacity and proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID-19 test is required
    • Medium-scale ceremonies of 201-500 people: 33% of the venue’s capacity and proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID-19 test is required
    • Small-scale ceremonies of up to 200 people: 50% of the venue’s capacity and proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID-19 test is optional
  • Indoor events:
    • Large-scale ceremonies of over 150 people: 10% of the venue’s capacity and proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID-19 test is required
    • Medium-scale ceremonies of 100-150 people: 33% of the venue’s capacity and proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID-19 test is required
    • Small-scale ceremonies of up to 100 people: 50% of the venue’s capacity and proof of vaccination or recent negative COVID-19 test is optional
  • For large events, schools and colleges will need to notify their local health department. For all events, face masks, social distancing, health screening, and contact information are required.
  • Virtual, drive-in or individual ceremonies are still the safest option and are encouraged over larger in-person events.

Update: New COVID cases, hospitalizations, deaths

  • Test results reported Sunday – 131,436
  • Total positive – 4,926
  • One-day percent positive – 3.75%
  • Seven-day average percent positive – 3.20%
  • Patient hospitalization – 4,118
  • Number of COVID patients in ICU – 860  
  • Number of ICU patients with Intubation – 571
  • New COVID fatalities – 58
  • Total deaths since March 2020 – 41,198

Mayor Bill de Blasio gives NYC COVID-19 update

NYC daily indicators

  • New COVID-related hospitalizations: 167
  • New COVID-19 cases: 2,773
  • Citywide positivity rate (7-day average): 5.27%

Vaccine updates in NYC

  • Over 5 million vaccine doses administered in New York City
    • 5,106,027 total doses given so far, Mayor de Blasio said.
    • 554,432 doses administered last week; over 104,000 doses given on April 8 alone.
  • Vaccine sites launching this week:
    • Bronx
      • Stevenson Family Health Center
      • Lehman College
      • Northeast Bronx YMC
    • Brooklyn
      • Lasante Health Center
      • Brightpoint/Sun River Health Center
      • Rambam
    • Queens
      • Modell’s at Queens Center Mall
    • Staten Island
      • Former Babies R’ Us at the Staten Island Mall
    • Manhattan
      • Times Square: Vax for The Art & Soul of New York City
        • Vaccine site for film, TV and theater industry workers opens today (Monday)
        • Working closely with unions on outreach
        • Dedicated appointments for industry workers

NYC schools updates

Press Q&A segment

  • His thoughts on Andrew Yang’s controversial social media post on unlicensed street vendors
    • “We have to try to strike a balance,” the mayor said while noting he respects the city’s street vendors.
    • “I believe we’ve made progress with recent legislation and we’ll keep building on that.”
  • His thoughts on the mayoral race currently
    • “I think this city wants progressive leadership,” de Blasio said. “I think it’s going to take time for these candidates to get their ideas out.”
  • How many teachers are still remote due to health exemptions? Will it be an issue with 50,000 students returning?
    • “We feel very confident we can accommodate them well with the folks we have now,” Mayor de Blasio says.
      • “We feel very good about our ability to bring kids back, get them a great education in person, maximize the number of kids that will be going five days a week, with the team that we have now.”
    • “We feel quite confident that with the team we have in place now, we can accommodate the families that have chosen to opt in,” NYC Schools Chancellor Meisha Ross Porter said.
      • “Our goal has been to get as many students back in as want to, which is why we reopened the opt-in window and we look forward to welcoming them back into our communities. But also, working with schools to ensure that we can get as many kids in for five days a week as possible.”
    • The mayor said this new incoming group will not decrease the amount of days students currently in schools are going.
  • How many teachers have received health accommodations/exemptions? Also, will the next school year be a full reset with no options for remote teaching?
    • “Next year’s a very different reality,” de Blasio said. “We’re really looking forward to September. We’re well on the way to getting a huge number of people vaccinated. I think September is going to be an entirely different environment.”
      • “So, we’ll be resetting all the rules as we go into the next school year,” he added.
    • “We have about 28,000 teachers on an accommodation,” the schools chancellor said.
      • “We’re working to reset for next year. We are in a very different place than we were a year ago today, and so we’re looking forward to resetting what our system looks like with our staff members coming back.”
  • Mayor’s reaction to hundreds of thousands of NYC students still choosing to not return to the classroom for in-person learning
    • “My view is, a lot of parents were really focused on the schedule question. They had gotten into a schedule that worked for them with remote. The kids had gotten used to, and liked, the teachers they had, and they didn’t want to disrupt that,” de Blasio said.
      • “I think there’s a growing understanding, that’s been going on or months, that schools are very, very safe. I don’t think that’s the problem here.”
    • “We’ve always respected the decisions parents were making at this time,” Ross Porter said.
      • “And to the mayor’s point, families have adjusted to a schedule and didn’t want to have further disruption, but there were families who saw this as an opportunity to get back in.”
  • What would mayor say to remote-learning families about the next school year?
    • “The health and safety of your kids is the number one consideration for all parents, unquestionably,” de Blasio said. We’re in April still. By the beginning of September, you’re going to see such widespread vaccination in this city. I really believe you’re going to see a very low level of cases citywide.”
      • “We’re going to continue so many of the measures that have worked in our schools. I think the vast majority of parents are going to want their kids back in school, five days a week, and that’s what we’re planning for.”
      • “We’re preparing for the possibility that some parents might still want remote, but I think the idea here is it’s one or the other…no more blended. I don’t think we’ll have any need for that.”
  • How many students eligible for in-person learning are actually showing up to schools?
    • The schools chancellor said the city’s average daily attendance rate is 89.3% for in-person students.
  • Mayor’s response to increase in gun violence and major crimes
    • “We are going to fight back this challenge, there’s no question about it. It’s a real thing. Since the pandemic hit we’ve seen more gun violence,” the mayor said, adding that overall crime went down last year.
    • “We’re going to fight it back with the NYPD working closely with communities…with a lot of gun arrests…we will turn the tide. We have before in this city and we have to do it again, and we will do it again.”
  • Lack of 3-K and Pre-K seats for special education students
    • “We are right now working on this issue, because we do not ever want to leave kids with special needs behind…We’ll have more to say on that in the next couple weeks,” the mayor said.

NYC schools shift to new COVID closure policy

New York City’s new “four-case” rule for public schools goes into effect Monday. The new rule replaces the “two-case” rule. Schools will now only close if there are four or more cases in different classrooms of a school, within seven days, that can be traced to exposure inside the school

NY Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine shortage

Starting this week, New York’s supply of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is down 88%, forcing the Javits Center to scale back its round the clock appointments for the vaccine.

Latest official numbers

As of Monday, there were 1,946,330 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since March 2020 and 41,198 lab-confirmed fatalities, according to the state Department of Health.

COVID-19 timeline: How novel coronavirus spread

Tips to protect yourself and others amid coronavirus outbreaks

The New York state coronavirus hotline is 1-888-364-3065; information is also being posted here

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