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NEW JERSEY — New Jersey posted a record high number of new daily COVID-19 cases on Friday, shattering numbers seen in the early, dire days of the pandemic, and the record it set just a day prior.

Friday, Gov. Phil Murphy announced 5,673 new cases at his daily press briefing.

Thursday, the state announced 4,913 new cases.

During the spring “first wave,” when the tri-state area was pummeled by COVID-19 and was the national epicenter of the pandemic, New Jersey’s record for new cases was 4,391. After an expected summer lull, cases began to tick up again in the fall, with the spring record broken in mid-November.

But as the days go by, New Jersey’s second wave seems to grow, with Friday’s indicator the first time the Garden State has hit more than 5,000 new cases in a day.

Rising case numbers is a serious issue: the trend will likely lead to a greater number New Jerseyans getting sick enough to be admitted to the hospital, and can cause a strain on the medical system, Murphy said.

“The fewer new cases, the fewer new hospitalizations,” Murphy said. “This is math, this is a direct cause and effect.”

He urged people to continue to prioritize mask-wearing and social distancing, and called out partiers whose “knucklehead” behavior is a danger to public health.

As of Friday, there were 356,662 confirmed COVID-19 cases in New Jersey with 15,419 confirmed virus fatalities.

The state’s daily positivivity rate for testing is 10.42%.