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NASSAU COUNTY — Nearly 70 playgrounds in Nassau County reopened Saturday after being shuttered for months because of the coronavirus pandemic.

County Executive Laura Curran announced the reopening of public playgrounds on Thursday.

“Let’s continue to stay smart: wash hands, wear a mask, and if you or a family member do not feel well, stay home,” Curran had said.

Each of the 67 playgrounds, located inside 35 public parks across the county, underwent an inspection by the Parks Department, according to Curran.

As New York continues to distance itself from the peak of the coronavirus outbreak, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has said he would leave decisions about reopening playgrounds up to local leaders.

“They have the test data. They should be studying the test data. They should be looking at those positives and see where the positives are coming from,” Cuomo said. “If the positives are in a cluster, a neighborhood that has that pool, don’t open the pool. Well everybody wants to swim, I understand. Everybody doesn’t want to see a spike in COVID again. So, use your judgment. Sometimes yes is not the right answer. It’s the easy answer.”

Nassau and Suffolk counties are currently in Phase 2 of the state’s reopening plan, which includes outdoor dining as well as loosened restrictions on retail and personal care businesses such as hair salons and barbershops.