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NEW YORK — The mother of a paramedic hospitalized in an intensive care unit with coronavirus pushed for first responders to get the protection they need on Wednesday.

Christell Cadet, 34, is fighting for her life. The union that represents her believes Cadet contracted COVID-19 while working at her station house while on light duty, meaning she wasn’t physically going out on calls. Cadet has asthma.

“She had to be at work and that was unfortunate for her,” Cadet’s mother said. “That day she went to work and the next day she didn’t make it.”

The FDNY EMS union is asking for all members working on light duty to be able to stay home.

Another member of the FDNY EMS tested positive for coronavirus while working light duty. She’s pregnant.

An FDNY spokesperson said: “Light duty members are fulfilling critical needs, including restocking ambulance and supplies, managing work at the station and assisting in overall EMS operations.”

A GoFundMe has been launched for cadet.