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NEW YORK — There’s no getting around it: masks have become the norm during the pandemic.

But if you think playing an instrument while properly wearing one seems impossible, think again. Coram resident Debbie Parker came up with a solution. She designed face coverings for performers to sing and play music safely.

“You have kids out there who are avid sports players. Then you have kids who are involved in music and the arts. It’s their home away from home, it’s their release and their time to shine, it’s who they are inside. It’s their expression of feelings,” she tells PIX11 News.

She calls her creation “Melodie Masks.” Each face covering is completed with a nose bridge and adjustable ear loops for comfort and made according to recommended COVID-19 safety guidelines.

It’s structured so that it comes away from the face, giving it more airflow. It also rests low on the chin so that when a singer extends their draw to release a note, it stays in place.

Masks for brass and woodwind music players have a hole for the mouthpiece that provides coverage and protection. Flute players have multiple holes allowing the instrument to go in one side and out the other.

Parker sells Melodie Masks for $14-$20 each and offers discounts to selected groups. To place your order, you can call 631-766-6061.