Latest coronavirus updates in New York: Thursday, March 25, 2021


NEW YORK — Find the latest information on the COVID-19 pandemic in New York state and New York City, including data on positive cases and other indicators, and information from local officials.

12:15 p.m.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo released the data on New York’s progress during COVID-19

Daily Indicators

  • NY positivity rate: 3.01 %
    • Total tests reported: 268,276
    • Total positive: 8,081
  • NY COVID-19 hospitalizations: 4,600
    • ICU: 931
    • Intubated: 583 
  • COVID-19 fatalities in NY: 45
  • Vaccines administered: 8,231,872
  • Percent of NYers with at least one vaccine dose: 27.5%
  • Percent of NYers with completed vaccine doses: 14.6%

10 a.m.

Mayor Bill de Blasio shared the latest on NYC’s COVID-19 response. Watch in video below or click here.

Vaccines in NYC

  • Total doses: 3,537,937

Recovery for us all

  • Broadway, theater and entertainment industry 
  • “It’s time to raise the curtain.”
  • In the coming weeks
    • Dedicated COVID-19 vaccination site on Broadway for the theater industry
    • Mobile unit for off-Broadway
    • Pop-up COVID testing sites by theaters
    • Developing plans to manage crowds before and after shows.
  • Calls on the state to issue guidance on theater industry

Open Streets, Open Restaurants

  • Applications for Open Streets 2021 opens Thursday
  • Better signage, new barriers, more support for community partners 
  • NYC.Gov/OpenStreets
  • If you’ve participated in the program, reapply.

New Staten Island Ferry coming

  • Name: The Dorothy Day

Daily indicators

  • COVID Hospitalizations: 224 (57% positivity rate)
  • Hospitalization rate per 100,000, 7-day average (NYS): 3.79
  • New reported COVID-19 cases on 7-day average (including probable cases): 3,280
  • 7-day rolling average: 6.20%


  • Hotels housing homeless — What do you say to people who have to go back to shelters? 
    • We’ve said before this is a temporary measure. We want to do it safely. The goal is to leave the hotels and go back to the traditional shelters. 
  • Broadway vaccinated: Why not vaccinate homeless first so they can return to shelters?
    • We’ve been getting the homeless vaccinated. They come in and out of shelters at different times. 
  • Target date as to when shows could resume? What do you think needs to go into getting everything up to speed?
    • The vision has been to bring shows back in September. This is why I’m talking about it six months ahead. Broadway leadership needs answers now.
    • Vaccination effort starts in April. We want to reach everyone. 
    • “I feel very good about September.” We just need to do the work now and more guidance from the state to lock it in.
  • If you didn’t have to rely on the state, what would you change as far as having local control? 
    • There are people who aren’t vaccinated that should be. We want the justice system running again. 
  • Police reform Bill and city council
    • We’ve been working with the city council and the NYPD on this. It’s a very very strong reform package. It’s not something I sign, but something I support. 
  • Random count taken on 2nd Avenue showing about 2x the number of cars as bikes. Cars have five lanes while bikes have two lanes. Would you support wider bike lanes? 
    • It’s a work in progress. We want to keep expanding bike lanes. I’m open. I want to see people out of their cars into mass transit or on bikes. 
  • Open Streets — do you foresee more miles of streets or larger changes?
    • We had an idea that started and grew within the course of a year. This year, we hope to see a better approach. How much more and how it balances still need to be worked on. But our program worked.
    • DOT commissioner Gutman: We’re working on it, and size depends on reaction to demand on particular neighborhoods. 
  • What is the viewpoint of health officials of what needs to be done to reopen theaters. 
    • Number one fact was time; Broadway needs months and months of preparations (lightning, rehearsal, technical work) 
    • Dr. Jay Varma: Critical points on announcing now is the long lead time, It’s not an indication of people having gatherings now. What needs to be focused on now: Is there wide access and availability to vaccinations. We also have to bring disease transmission rates down. 
    • Mayor: Broadway only works with an appropriate audience size. We’ll figure out appropriate measures that need to be taken in the future, but priority is getting those in the community vaccinated, tested etc.
  • New Cuomo allegations directed a doctor to deliver special COVID tests when they were scarce. What’s your take? 
    • Mayor: It’s another matter that needs to be looked into, obviously. But this pales in concern to the nursing home scandal and the sexual harassment allegations. There’s so much that needs to be looked at. We need to know the truth. 
  • Is there an overcorrection with what things were like in March last year? Do you see a problem with VIPs getting access to those tests?
    • It depends on how it was handled. It needs to be looked at, but what’s most meaningful is getting the truth about what happened at nursing homes. 
  • Broadway reopening — Does the city have similar plan for off-Broadway places not in Manhattan? Also other performing arts venues on UWS (Lincoln Center/etc.)
    • We want to take this template and use it to bring back our theater community broadly. Broadway is the leading edge and means so much to the city, but we care a lot about off-Broadway, which is why we’re going to have those mobile vaccine sites.
    • Deputy Mayor Vicki Been: We’re excited to bring back shows across the city, hope to look at locations as to where vaccinations need to go
    • Commissioner Anna Del Castillo: We need additional guidance on how Broadway shows can open up and work with the audience.
  • Don’t have the power to make actors, dances, stagehands, etc. You’re calling on the governor to do that 
    • Vast majority of New Yorkers are eligible now. We want to have these vaccine and testing sites to bring the community involved. By definition, many are eligible right now. In 4-5 weeks at latest, everyone will be eligible. We want vaccinations to be rolling now in April and beyond. We want them all vaccinated well ahead of September when we perceive the reopening. 

Latest official numbers

As of Thursday, there were 1,809,837 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since March 2020 and 40,141 lab-confirmed fatalities, according to the state Department of Health.

COVID-19 timeline: How novel coronavirus spread

Tips to protect yourself and others amid coronavirus outbreaks

The New York state coronavirus hotline is 1-888-364-3065; information is also being posted here

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