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NEW YORK — Below you will find the most up-to-date information on coronavirus news impacting New York. You can find additional resources and coverage on our coronavirus page.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo held a coronavirus briefing. Watch the news conference below.

  • The state reported an additional 280 deaths, bringing the total statewide to 19,189.
  • Hospitalizations, ventilator use and other health indicators continue to drop.
  • The governor announced a Northeast consortium of seven states, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, that will work together to purchase $5 billion worth of personal protective equipment.
  • The consortium will procure PPE, tests, ventilators and other medical equipment to increase market power and bring down prices.
  • “I believe this will help us get the equipment and get it at a better price,” Cuomo said. Read more.
  • The governor discussed the CDC’s report, released Friday, that indicates the outbreak in New York originated from Europe, not China.
  • The state Department of Health is issuing a mandate that will require each hospital to have a stockpile of personal protective equipment that could last at least 90 days if there is another surge in COVID-19 hospitalizations.
  • The governor also urged all New Yorkers to wear a face mask. “It’s a sign of respect to other people,” he said.

9:30 a.m.
Mayor Bill de Blasio held a coronavirus briefing. Watch the news conference below.

  • The mayor applauded “the vast majority of” New Yorkers who continued to follow social distancing rules and wear face coverings on Saturday.
  • De Blasio also thanked the NYPD, Parks Department and other agencies who stepped up enforcement this weekend as more New Yorkers are tempted outside by the war weather.
  • The NYPD arrested three people and issued 51 summonses on Saturday, the majority for social distancing violations, as the warmer weather tempts more people outside amid the COVID-19 outbreak, Commissioner Dermot Shea said Sunday. Read more.
  • Six motorcycles were seized in Queens because of reckless driving, and two were proven to be stolen, Shea said. “Too many summonses to count” were issued for moving violations and reckless driving by motorcyclists on Saturday, he added. Read more.
  • “It’s a ferocious disease … and this is not as easy as it’ll just walk away and go quietly into the night,” de Blasio said, warning of a “bounce back” or second wave of the virus. “That would set back a restart and recovery by a long time.”
  • The restrictions in place are working, the mayor said, and they will only be relaxed in small steps to ensure that they work before endangering the public health.
  • The mayor pointed to other cities around the world that relaxed restrictions too soon, including Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • NYC will have produced 30,000 test kits by the end of this coming week. The city is on track to produce 50,000 3D-printed swabs needed for the test kits every week.
  • To achieve that, the city partnered with Print Parts to develop the swabs and Albert Einstein College of Medicine is waiting for approval to develop a transportation medium that will deliver the swabs to hospitals.
  • The project is expected to kick into high gear by mid-May.
  • The mayor also thanked all of the city’s lab workers for “working around the clock” during the outbreak.
  • The city’s GetFood program has the capacity to deliver 1 million meals per day. De Blasio said the initiative needs non-profit volunteers to increase capacity further. Nonprofits who can provide at least 1,000 meals per day in the following neighborhoods should visit to learn more about volunteering services: Melrose, Washington Heights, Morris Park, Flushing, Sunset Park.
  • The mayor also warned New Yorkers about the dangers of visiting moms on Mother’s Day next Sunday. “Unless you live in the same home, celebrate mom from a distance,” de Blasio said, urging folks to use Facetime, Skype or other video conferencing instead. “Appreciating your mom, this year, means keeping your mom safe.”

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo is expected to offer the latest on coronavirus cases and fatalities Sunday afternoon.

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Residents across the tri-state area are being tested on social distancing this weekend as warm weather returns, tempting many to leave their homes amid the coronavirus outbreak. Read more.

Latest official numbers:
As of Saturday, there were 18,909 confirmed COVID-19 fatalities in New York, with total confirmed cases rising to 312, 977.

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The New York state coronavirus hotline is 1-888-364-3065; information is also being posted here