Latest coronavirus updates in New Jersey: Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Virus Outbreak New Jersey

FILE- In this May 18, 2020 file photo, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy wears a face mask during a coronavirus press briefing in Trenton, N.J. (Jose F. Moreno/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP, Pool, File)

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NEW JERSEY — Below you will find the most up-to-date information on coronavirus news impacting New Jersey. You can find additional resources and coverage on our coronavirus page.

1 p.m.
Gov. Phil Murphy shared an update on COVID-19 in New Jersey. Watch in video below or click here.

Daily health indicators

  • New cases: 3,950 (Statewide total: 606,492)
  • 3,190 people are hospitalized, 578 are in ICUs and 406 are on ventilators.
  • New deaths: 107 (Death toll: 19,091)
  • The daily percent positive for test: 12.62%
  • The statewide rate of transmission: 0.91
  • Vaccines administered: 642,613
    • First dose: 550,526
    • Second dose: 90,084

Vaccines in NJ

  • If you made a 1st dose appointment
  • If you received 1st dose at the Gloucester County Megasite but directly with the site, you will be contacted
  • If you made your 1st dose appointment and did not book your second dose, call the site.
  • If you are uncertain of your second appointment by the end of the weekend, contact the Vaccination Call Center — 855-568-0545

Health commissioner’s update

  • Expectation that at the time someone receives their first dose, they’ll receive an appointment at the same site for their second dose
  • If you received a first-dose vaccine by making an appt through the state’s site, you’ll receive an automatically scheduled second-dose appointment this weekend.
  • If you scheduled an appointment with a site not using the state website, you likely got a second-dose appointment that day. If not, contact the site.
  • Beginning Sunday, the Vaccine Call Center will have staff to assist those who need a second-dose appointment.
  • UK variant: 6 new cases in NJ (total: 8)
    • 4 occurred in Ocean County, 2 in Essex and 2 in Morris
    • Ages range from 10-65 years old
    • One had an international travel history.
    • One death of individual with this variant, but they had significant underlying conditions, Perischili said.


  • Biden increasing doses to states. How many is NJ getting?
    • About 130,000 for the next three weeks. That could change though
  • Negotiations with legislature on marijuana
    • Not much to say — there are two principles that have guided us. Voters voted to legalize adult-use marijuana and we don’t want kids, particularly children of color, getting caught up in the law with this
  • Digital divide in Lakewood
    • Lakewood’s case: It’s a vendor issue, hopefully gets solved soon. We were
  • How many positive test results are analyzed for the variant?
    • Partnering with labs and universities to test variant. They’re also sequencing someone who got COVID-19 despite being vaccinated.
  • What about variants from South Africa/Brazil
    • No variants detected from South Africa.
  • Taken a stand that there must be equity in vaccine distribution. Apparently Hunterdon medical center offered vaccines to high-donor families. What’s your reaction? Does this involve charges?
    • If that turns out to be the case, that’s incredibly offensive. It’s completely unacceptable. If they continue, it will affect how many doses they receive.
    • Our team is following up.
  • Some counties have denied people who don’t live in that county from getting the vaccine there. Gov and health commissioner have initially said any NJ resident can get vaccinated anywhere.
    • If you live, work or study here, you can get vaccinated anywhere.
    • Persichiili: You can give priority to those who live, study and work in that county, but they are told to take contact info of others if there are any excess vaccines.
    • If they make an appointment, they should be able to get the vaccine
  • Paterson’s first-come-first-serve site — people are waiting for hours
    • We’re not wild about this. We want it to be appointment-based.
  • How many ventilators does NJ have in total?
    • 1,445 vents in use, 2,572 in stockpile
    • more than adequate to handle any surge, Perischilli said.
  • Variant — how many traveled? What about the rest?
    • One was an international traveler.
    • The others, we’re in the middle of contact tracing. Science and data is earlier.

7 a.m.
Passaic Public Schools will continue fully remote home-based learning through April 23, 2021, the school system said. Read more here.

Latest official numbers
As of Wednesday, there have been 606,492 confirmed cases in the state since March, and there have been 19,091 lab-confirmed coronavirus deaths, according to the state Health Department.

To find the nearest free COVID-19 testing location, click here.

Tips to protect yourself and others amid coronavirus outbreaks.

Call New Jersey’s coronavirus hotline at 1-800-222-1222. You can also click here for additional information

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