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NEW YORK — The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the travel industry across the world.

With many people unable to travel due to lockdown measures, several people are now expected to travel as the summer nears and as several states lessen restrictions.

However, fears of being in close contact with other people brings up the question: Is it ok to fly?

Travel Expert Gabe Saglie spoke to PIX11 Morning News on what traveling looks like and what other traveling alternatives have recently gained attraction.

Saglie said despite fears of flying, airlines have seen an uptick in flights sales in the past few weeks.

Airlines are also stepping up to reconfigure protocols, including keeping the middle seat unoccupied and keeping the first class cabin at 50% capacity.

Though airlines are working to practice social-distancing protocols, many might still have concerns with flying, so Saglie said to expect an uptick in destinations that are closer to home and are accessible by driving.