WILLIAMSBRIDGE, the Bronx (PIX11) — As millions of American families gathered for Easter Sunday, there was growing concern of a lingering threat: another coronavirus surge.

Multiple vaccines, large-scale testing and two years of safety measures made in-person celebrations possible. But health officials warned another coronavirus surge could grip the region if people aren’t careful.

“We continue to see things rise,” Dr. Anthony Santella said, “which is frustrating.”

Infection rates are already up in New York. In an effort to combat the virus’ spread, New York City’s Test and Trace Corps teamed up with local churches to provide free testing on a massive scale.

The Test and Trace Corps was on a mission to supply an additional 6.3 million COVID-19 tests for people throughout the five boroughs. Organizers said holding giveaway events at several churches on Easter made a lot of sense.

“These are things we can use to give out to the community because we believe the church is a community outpost,” Deacon Arthur Phillips said.

New York City is seeing more than 2,100 people testing positive for COVID every day, and that’s not counting those who aren’t reporting their symptoms or reporting at-home tests. It’s a number three times higher than in March, when the city started relaxing its restrictions.

New York City has seen its cases jump 43% in the past four weeks, in part because of highly transmissible omicron subvariants. According to numbers released from the city, coronavirus infections are likely to continue to rise.