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NEW YORK — After signing a bill securing paid leave for New Yorkers quarantined due to coronavirus, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday a new mandate to keep more workers home amid the outbreak.

With the state now reporting 4,152 cases of COVID-19, Cuomo said Thursday that New York businesses should keep at least 75% of their on-site workforce at home. The new mandate comes just a day after he initially ordered companies to keep 50% of their workers home.

In efforts to further protect New Yorkers from the economic side effects of the spreading virus, the governor announced a 90-day mortgage relief plan, which includes waiving mortgage payments, based on financial hardships.

Additionally, Cuomo said there will be no negative reporting to credit bureaus due to late or not-received mortgage payments, as well as a grace period for loan modifications, and no late-payment fees or online-payment fees.

Foreclosures will also be postponed or suspended, the governor assured.

Doubling down on statements made previously, Cuomo said there is still no plan for a “shelter in place”-type shutdown for New York City, an area where positive cases have seen the biggest rise in the state.

MTA officials at Thursday’s press conference assured New Yorkers that public transportation will continue to operate despite a drastic drop in ridership and revenue.

Watch Gov. Cuomo’s full press conference below:

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