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NEW YORK — Citadel, one of the largest hedge funds in the world and trading firm Citadel Securities, and EVERFI, an international technology company driving social change through education, joined forces to give NYC students financial training online for free.

It’s called MarketWorks. It’s an online program that teaches teens about the financial markets and the economy, so they can learn how to invest in their futures.

Jane Viau has been a math high school teacher at the Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem for 18 years. Before becoming a teacher, Viau worked in investment banking on Wall Street. Viau decided to use her background in finance to help her students using the MarketWorks program with her high school juniors and seniors this year.

“One of my students dads Is an accountant. She gave him advice on how to save for his retirement. He learned a thing or two from her, which is crazy,” said Viau.

There are five categories of learning online, from opening up your own brokerage account to how to buy and sell stocks.

Viau says the younger you start teaching your kids about finances the better. There are currently 129 schools in NYC participating in MarketWorks right now.

Ray Martinez, is the president of EVERFI, and helped create the program.

“Our goal is every student every family regardless of zip code to have access to critical knowledge as it relates to personal finances.,” said Martinez.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for remote learning, Martinez says Citadel decided to expand the program, and is now offering it to any high school in New York and nationwide.

Every year, 30 students who complete the course and write an essay on what they learned are selected to win a thousand dollar scholarship.

Students and families at home can access MarketWorks through the EVERFI Remote Learning Portal. To get started, select your state and student’s school, register, and navigate to the MarketWorks course.