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Cartoons can say in a few words what can be hard to simplify.

Dr. Valentina Hoyos Velez said she wanted to use cartoons to cut through misinformation about the coronavirus and COVID-19 vaccines, so she created Immune Cartoons, PIX11 sister station KXAN reported.

“I realized that many people were refusing to get the vaccine, because they didn’t really understand how it worked,” she said.

Hoyos Velez is a breast oncologist and assistant professor at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas.

“I said, ‘Well, maybe I’ll just put a pause on explaining cancer for now and just focus on explaining the vaccines to patients,’” Hoyos Velez said.

Now, her comics are reaching beyond the Lone Star State.

Pediatric nurse practitioner Delores Vandegrift showed them to patients in New Jersey, influencing their decision to get vaccinated.

“The average person that is especially not in health care or in medicine, they don’t know what those big words mean, and what happens — they get more afraid of it,” Vandegrift said.

Officials involved in the pandemic response agree it helps with messaging.