COVID-19 vaccine: Infectious disease expert explains side effects


NEW YORK — As more and more people get vaccinated, researchers are learning more about the side effects of all three shots.

Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Syra Madad spoke to PIX11 News to dispel fact from fiction.

Johnson & Johnson vaccine

The Centers for Disease Control and Infection could decide on whether or not to resume the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine as early as Friday. 

How likely is it that the CDC will give the green light despite the rare blood clots people have gotten after receiving the vaccine?

Dr. Madad said the chances of getting a blood clot after receiving the J&J vaccine is “one in a million” and given the risk and benefit analysis, she thinks the CDC will lift the pause.

For those weary about getting the J&J vaccine after the pause, Madad said the hesitancy is something that needs to be addressed.

Fully vaccinated still getting COVID

Some people who have been fully vaccinated are still getting diagnosed with COVID-19. Does that mean the vaccine isn’t working?

Madad said the chances of contracting COVID-19 after being fully vaccinated is low, but it’s also expected. 

Vaccine side effects

Some people who have been vaccinated have felt side effects, while others haven’t. Does that mean it’s not working? 

Individuals will experience different side effects, Madad said. While many may experience localized side effects like sore arms or itching, they will temporarily go away. For those who don’t have any side effects, Madad said it doesn’t mean the system is not working.

Do women have more side effects than men?

Madad said there are gender and sex differences, so it’s not surprising if we see more side effects in women than men.

However, we’re seeing COVID-19 cases among both men and women so she wants to remind everyone to get vaccinated.

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