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NEW YORK — In just five weeks, the coronavirus outbreak has claimed the lives of 41 transit workers in New York City, the Transit Workers Union said.

COVID-19 is killing MTA workers at a rate three-times faster than firefighters and police officers in the city.

While mass transit has continued operating through the pandemic, the contagion has left roughly 1,500 subway and bus workers positive for COVID-19, and another 6,000 quarantined and home from work.

This outbreak has led to severely crippled service for subways and buses, resulting in dangerous overcrowding for city workers forced to continue commuting through it all, making social distancing on trains and buses nearly impossible.

To get other asymptomatic workers back on the job, the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention has given new guidelines, including taking workers’ temperatures before they start their shifts, wearing masks at all times and practicing better social distancing.

New York City remains the epicenter of the outbreak in both the state and country.

As of Wednesday, New York has 149,316 COVID-19 cases statewide, a staggering 80,204 of those in NYC alone. The state’s death toll sits at 6,268, with 4,260 of those fatalities in the city.