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NEW YORK — New York City’s COVID-19 positivity rate has doubled in the last month.

With the announcement of a vaccine being distributed in the come weeks, will it be enough to impact the drastic spike in cases?

Head of the Test & Trace Corps. Dr. Ted Long explains how the city is working to control the spread.

Amid long testing lines, the city rolled out a new website that allows people to track how long each wait time is for the city’s testing location. According to Dr. Long, websites are updated at about every two hours.

As the holiday season continues, tourists are expected to roam New York City streets despite rising cases.

Dr. Long pleaded with everyone not to let their guards down and continue to wear masks, get tested and pick up the phone if a contact tracer reaches out to you.

There has been about a 95% reach with contact tracers, Dr. Long said.

As news of a vaccine brings hope, Dr. Long said now is the time to get tested and further take precautions to help stop the spread.