City, state partner with NYCHA to get seniors vaccinated


BROOKLYN — Gov. Andrew Cuomo said New York ran out of COVID-19 vaccinations on Friday, but started getting more for this coming week.

Over 1,000 of those doses will go to NYCHA senior residents beginning Saturday.

Cuomo visited a new vaccination site at the William Reid Apartments in Brooklyn. He said as more vaccines come to New York, vaccination sites will be set up at public housing developments throughout the state, so that those who are eligible don’t have to go far to get them.

Jeanette Johnson, 70, got her COVID-19 vaccine Saturday inside of the Brooklyn building where she lives.

“I feel fine, I took it 15 minutes ago,” she said.

Rickford Weekes, who works with seniors in the building, also got his shot.

“My advice is … what’s the alternative? COVID is killing people. We’ve all taken all different kinds of vaccines, especially us Caribbean people,” Weekes said.

The William Reid Apartments vaccination site is mainly for seniors who live there and essential workers.

Cuomo and local leaders said the state is making vaccines accessible as they come in to the New Yorkers who need it the most, but they have to be willing to take it, especially those who live in communities that were hit the hardest.

“We’re bringing the vaccine to the community, in this case to the residents in this building … please take it,” Cuomo said.

It’s part of a state partnership with churches and community care centers.

“Today’s work to expand the deployment of community vaccination kits is another step to ensure all New Yorkers can gain access they do deeply need,” said Rep. Yvette Clark.

This comes as the state struggles with a shortage in vaccine supply. The governor said the federal government has allocated about 240,000 doses of the vaccine to New York each week, with a promise of a bigger supply — one that has not yet come, prompting thousands of appointment cancellations.

The supply for this week is slowly trickling in.

Right now, the state is putting about 80,000 vaccines in the arms of New Yorkers a day, but according to the governor, they could easily do 100,000.

“We’re dependent on the supply. We have the distribution network,” said Cuomo.

While there are still several neighborhoods in the five boroughs with high positivity rates, the governor said overall there has been a decline.

As of Saturday, the state’s positivity rate was 5.26%, with New York City’s rate at 5.71%.

“We are urging everyone to trust science and get vaccinated. COVID-19 will kill you,” said Rep. Hakeem Jeffries.

New York is now entering its sixth week of vaccine distribution, and the governor is hoping a bigger supply is given to the state soon so that more residents can get the shot.

In the meantime, local leaders said to call your grandma, grandpa, aunties, uncles and all that you know who are eligible and encourage them to take the vaccine.

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