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RIVER VALE, NJ — A child was hospitalized after he was burned by homemade hand sanitzer sold at a New Jersey 7-Eleven.

The boy was left with chemicals burns on his arms and legs after using the sanitzer from the River Vale store, his mother said. She shared images as a warning to other parents. Police have issued a new warning.

“There are about 10 bottles remaining that were sold yesterday alone,” Lt. John DeVoe said. “Anyone who purchased those items should not use them and contact our agencies.”

Police are still trying to determine who made the sanitizer. Many brands have sold out amid the coronavirus outbreak.

“If you are concerned and you are hearing a claim that sounds too good to be true, there is a really good chance it’s too good to be true,” Ryan Felton, an investigative reporter for Consumer Reports said.

As many as seven companies were issued warnings this week by the Federal Trade Commission and Food and Drug Administration for marketing products that they claim could treat, prevent and even cure the coronavirus. There is no cure or treatment for coronavirus that has been approved or tested by the FDA. Even if there was one developed, the agency said it would take at least two years of trials for it to be released to the public.

The New York State Attorney General has set up a hotline for those concerned over possible fraud connected to COVID-19,