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SUNSET PARK, Brooklyn — New York City is storing bodies in refrigerated trucks in Sunset Park, Brooklyn — a stark reminder of the toll COVID-19 has taken.

AIR11 on Tuesday morning was over a parking lot on Second Avenue near 39th Street, where over 50 trucks were parked. A spokesperson for the mayor’s office said many of the trucks are empty and need to be parked somewhere.

The site functions as a temporary morgue, according to the spokesperson, who added that not all of the bodies stored in trucks are coronavirus victims.

Still, the images drive home the overwhelming impact the pandemic has had on the city’s mortuary affairs.

As of Monday, COVID-19 has claimed the lives of at least 13,536 people in New York City. An additional 5,373 deaths are being investigated as “likely” coronavirus fatalities, according to the city Department of Health.

The facility is also where the city is freezing bodies of some coronavirus victims instead of burying them on Hart Island, the spokesperson said. Doing so frees up space at hospitals and funeral homes and gives families more time to claim their loved ones.

sunset park freezer trucks bodies coronavirus
Some freezer trucks in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, on Tuesday, May 5, 2020, hold bodies during the coronavirus outbreak, the mayor’s office confirmed.