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New York — New York City as handed out its first fines for coronavirus-related price-gouging, officials said.

A store in the Garment District was caught selling Purell for close to $80 a bottle. The penalty for price-gouging is up to $500.

People worried about coronavirus have stocked up on hand sanitizer. Store shelves are empty and retailers have jacked up prices.

The City Fresh Market in Astoria, Queens was selling Lysol disinfectant for $14.99 when PIX11 visited on Monday. Walmart, Home Depot, Target and ShopRite were each charging under $6 for the same product.

In New York, price-gouging must consist of “selling goods or services that are vital to the health, safety or welfare of consumers for an unconscionably excessive price during a state of emergency.”

The Attorney General’s office will have to determine if this qualifies.