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TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan — With superheroes in Times Square, it’s another new push to get New Yorkers vaccinated — particularly for children before the school year starts.

SOMOS Community Care, the largest minority-led health network in New York, partnered with the city, state, and Marvel Avengers for a pop-up vaccination site at 47th Street and Seventh Avenue to encourage vaccinations among the 12+ age group.

“We’re here today with superpowers that will battle the forces of evil, misinformation, and a deadly virus by bringing together the forces of good,” SOMOS co-founder Henry Munoz said.

Hanry Olvera, 13, sat quietly with his collector’s edition Avengers comic book in hand while getting vaccinated. A couple of superheroes walked him through the process.

“It helped me feel more confident about getting the shot and not feel scared,” Olvera said.

The Marvel superheroes were joined by the real-life superheroes — the doctors — to bring comfort to what may be an uncomfortable setting.

“We’re incorporating the representation of them seeing themselves in these superheroes and as well in a way our doctors,” Pamela Vittini, SOMOS director of operations, said.

The vaccines at this site aren’t only for children. They’re for every comic book fan, Avengers fan, or any person who wants to get vaccinated, and every person will get their own collector’s edition of the Avengers comic book.

The pop-up site will be available for the next two months, which means you can get vaccinated during Hispanic Heritage Month.