NEW YORK (PIX11) — New York has been slowly ditching COVID-19 mandates. But Sunday, Mayor Eric Adams tested positive for the disease.

Rich Zaro, the owner of Cutlets sandwich shop on the Lower East Side, said the news is “a little shaky,” but he’s staying optimistic. He said the recent mild weather has boosted his bottom line, a sign people are ready to come back out.

“It’s really people coming back to the city,” he said.

Still, the latest city data shows daily average increases for both the number of people testing positive, and the total number of confirmed and probable cases. That, of course, includes the city’s leader.

“I’m not special, being the mayor,” Adams said. “What happens to me, personally, should not determine how I make policies.

Adams credits his own mild COVID case to the fact he’s vaccinated and boosted. He added there’s no reason to think, for now, that New York City will follow Philadelphia in returning to indoor masking.