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NEW YORK — A Bronx court officer got a hero’s salute Wednesday afternoon outside Mount Sinai Hospital.

Sgt. Darrell Cross, 54, spent weeks in an induced coma on a ventilator in critical condition from COVID-19. Cross, who helped with rescue and recovery efforts after 9/11, was moved to Select Specialty Hospital in Rochelle Park, New Jersey, on Wednesday.

His wife was there for his transfer. It’s been a month since they last saw each other in person, but when Cross woke up, the first thing he did was ask how his wife was.

A nurse helped the couple Zoom with each other after Cross woke up a week ago.

Officer Dave Jennings, who said he’s good friends with Cross, described the sick man as a model officer.

“He would make sure to guide young officers, mentor them,” Jennings said.

Correction: The location of Select Specialty Hospital has been updated.