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NEW YORK CITY — Over 77,000 New York City student still don’t have a device to use for remote learning or an internet connection, according to the NYC Department of Education.

Thousands of kids are actually sharing devices, too, making learning at home nearly impossible.

The instructional crisis of learning at home as comes as the schools chancellor and the mayor say it’s so important to get back to the classroom.

As a 10th grader at Urban Assembly Maker Academy High School, Donte Pennie sits at his computer for six hours a day.

Pennie decided to opt for remote learning after the Murry Bergtraum school building needed ventilation repairs, even while teachers were already back inside the classroom.

Pennie said they were at least 30 kids in his online class, which means communication and engagement with the teacher is not always the easiest.

Across New York City, 54% of students have opted for virtual learning at this time, according to the DOE.

While students can opt back into in-person learning in November, the Pennie family doesn’t believe that’ll be for them.

As for Donte, he has some advice for parents if schooling at home is feeling stressful:

“I would like to say, parents really need to connect with a child, especially in this day and age. See how comfortable they are at home learning, and if you know it’s completely not for them, you might have to go back to school.”