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NEW YORK — Five more people in Westchester County tested positive for coronavirus, or COVID-19, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Wednesday.

All of the patients are members of the same family, according to the governor. A man, his wife, their two sons and one daughter tested positive. A second daughter tested negative, he said.

The man is a friend of a 50-year-old lawyer from Westchester who tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday, according to Cuomo. The two spent time together recently and had been in close proximity to each other on a number of occasions, the governor said.

The children attend Westchester Torah Academy in White Plains. The school was one of several that had already agreed to close until at least Friday, according to Cuomo.

“Obviously we’ll have to re-evaluate that in light of this new situation,” Cuomo added.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus patients in New York now stands at 11.

All but the first case, a Manhattan woman in her 30s who recently traveled to Iran, are connected to the Westchester lawyer. Earlier Wednesday, Cuomo confirmed the lawyer’s wife, son and daughter tested positive, as well as a neighbor who drove him to the hospital.

More than 1,000 people are under self-quarantine after likely coming in close contact with the lawyer.

Cuomo warned there will be “dozens and dozens and dozens” of cases in the state.