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NEW YORK – Four more public schools have temporarily closed their doors because of COVID outbreaks as cases surge across New York city, according to city data released Tuesday night.

There were 11 schools closed citywide as of Wednesday night. While 44 schools were under investigation for possible closures on Tuesday, that number had dropped to 35 by Wednesday, according to the DOE’s daily COVID case map website.

Among the latest schools to close are I.S. 072 Rocco Laurie in Staten Island, P.S. 250 George H. Lindsay school in Brooklyn and Eagle Academy for Young Men in the Bronx, according to the website.

The closures, which last for 10 days, come in the same week after three others schools were forced to temporarily shutter their doors.

Students at the schools will return to classrooms after winter break on Jan. 3. All affected students will utilize remote learning on days when school is in session.

Information made available by the Department of Education also shows there were at least 374 active classroom closures and 3,205 partial classroom closures citywide, as of Tuesday evening.

There have been 17 school closures since the beginning of the academic year in September, as of Wednesday evening.

Since the start of the school year, there have been a total of 21,828 students and staff who tested positive for COVID-19.

School and city leaders are calling on the mayor to come up with a plan to keep students and staff safe, including the implementation of the CDC-approved “test and stay” protocol.