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NEW YORK — Over 100 violations were issued to bars and restaurants in New York City and on Long Island this weekend, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday.

The majority of violations were either for crowding outside of bars or for employees, including servers, who were caught not wearing masks, according to the governor.

The violations were issued by a new task force made up of State Police and State Liquor Authority investigators.

Cuomo said 105 violations were issued by the task force in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk counties over Friday and Saturday.

Additional liquor license suspensions will be issued when the State Liquor Authority board meets on Monday, according to the governor. The task force has the ability to issue violations but only the State Liquor Authority board can suspend liquor licenses.

The governor renewed his call Sunday for local governments and police departments to step up social distancing enforcement.

Cuomo also reminded New Yorkers who are purchasing takeout alcohol that they must take it home — not drink it on the sidewalk, which violates open container laws and an executive order that mandates establishments ensure customers do not consume takeout purchases within 100 feet of the business.

Crowding outside of bars and restaurants in New York City and Long Island has been an ongoing issue during the coronavirus pandemic, stretching back months to when the weather first turned warm in May.

Despite repeated warnings of a crackdown and fines from Mayor Bill de Blasio, crowds continued to gather throughout the spring and early summer, particularly on weekends.

Cuomo announced the state task force this week to help with social distancing enforcement.

Last week, the board suspended 10 licenses, including three restaurants in Queens, for social distancing violations.