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BLANCHARD, Okla. — An Oklahoma officer who was caught on dash cam video saving a woman’s life earlier this year has been arrested on suspicion of internet crimes against a child.

Officer Jordan Jones, 30, was arrested for alleged solicitation of a minor with the use of technology, receipt of child pornography, and violation of the Oklahoma Computer Crimes Act.

He was the subject earlier this year of a viral video in which he rescued a woman who was having a heart attack. Her husband was rushing her to the hospital when their high speeds caught Jones’ attention and he pulled them over. When he saw that the woman was in danger, he began CPR just in time for her to survive.

Last week, officials say the Grady County District Attorney’s Office requested Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation investigate an alleged sex offense involving a minor child and the officer.

The investigation revealed the alleged crimes occurred in McClain County and the case remains open and active.

Another police officer is also under investigation, the Blanchard Police Department confirmed.

The department released the following statement after Jones’ arrest:

Blanchard Police Officer, Jordan Jones

Blanchard Police Officer, Jordan Jones

“Upon a complaint filed with the OSBI, an investigation was initiated against two Blanchard Police Officers.  The Blanchard Police Department cooperated fully with the investigation and cannot make any further statements at this time.”

A judge has sealed the records connected with this case.