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STATEN ISLAND (PIX11) – The truth behind the walls and home inspection signs reveals much more than many would expect, which is why Congressman Michael Grimm shone a light on the issues that the city declares ‘fine’.
“We’re calling on the city’s Health Department to come in and say their public health hazards, and do whatever needs to be done so the nuisance is abated,” Grimm said.

Congressman Grimm gave the media a tour of the infested homes and told us the city isn’t taking mold issues seriously.

In a recent statement, the Health Department told us “mold in abandoned homes does not generally pose a health risk to neighbors.”

“You can see the moisture and everything in here behind where the sheet rock was. these boards are still damp, and that’s basically a breading ground for mold,” Dennis McKeon who runs the organization “Where to turn” said. His organization helps victims of Sandy.

“This is an example of probably about 600 or 700 houses on Staten Island,” he added while touring a gutted-out home.

Residents say they hope Grimm stepping up today will push others to do the same, because, so far, it seems nearly every city official is staying away from the issue.