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MARION, Ind. (PIX11) — A delivery man was surprised with a huge tip when he brought two pizza pies to Indiana Wesleyan University Wednesday morning.

James Gilpin received a $1,268 tip after delivering the pizza to the university’s chapel service, WISH-TV reported. Along with the generous tip were gift cards and thousands of encouraging notes thanking Gilpin for his work.

“Pizza delivery person, I just want to thank you for all your hard work. No one else may see it, but I do,” one of the notes read, according to 11Alive.

Gilpin was in awe of the gesture and said it couldn’t have come in a better time.

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“There’s a lot of stuff that I need to do. Pay off some bills, fix some stuff. It couldn’t have been a better time because I was struggling bad,” Gilpin told WISH-TV.

The money, which would have taken the delivery man at least one month to earn, will help give Gilpin’s two children a good Christmas, as well as fix damages to his car and roof, the station reported.

Jim Lo of Indiana Wesleyan organized the big surprise.

“We can do little things and when we’re gathered together, that little thing becomes a big thing of encouraging people,” he told WISH-TV.