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This might just be heaven in a cone: a South African entrepreneur at the Grind Coffee Company in Johannesburg has come up with what is being hailed as the world’s most-Instagrammed coffee.

It’s espresso poured into a chocolate-lined waffle ice cream cone and people are going insane over it.

Nearly 1 million Instagram images with the #CoffeeInACone hashtag have been liked since the company premiered the concoction in January.

Though for the creators, serving coffee in a cone was a process of trial and error in order for the coffee not to leak out.

In case you are wondering, customers have 10 minutes to drink the coffee before everything melts.

The company custom makes its cones with four different types of chocolates and it’s in the process of getting a patent approved.

And thanks to social media, which has essentially done all of the marketing for them, Instagram is steaming hot with cellphone snaps of the innovation sweeping the world.