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A child was injured Wednesday evening in a roller coaster accident in Coney Island.

The boy, 5, was on the Sea Serpent ride in the children’s section of the amusement park when, according to Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park staff, he climbed out from under the lap bar and fell from the back of car.  He fell in between the rails of the track to the ground, injuring his leg.  His 8-year-old sister, who was riding with him, was uninjured.

Paramedics took the boy and his mother to Bellevue Hospital where is in serious condition, but is expected to live.

“A young rider on the Serpent coaster who met the height requirement unfortunately crawled under the lap retaining bar tonight, and jumped off the ride before it had stopped. Our prayers for a speedy recovery are with the young man and his family,” said Dennis  Vourderis, vice president of the amusement park.

Park officials said the boy had to really struggle to get out from under the lap bar, and preliminary tests show nothing wrong with the Sea Serpent ride.

“The ride is an inspected approved ride and there has never been an incident before in its 15-year history here at Coney,” said Denos Wonder Wheel Amusement Park spokesman Ken Hochman.  “We are checking the lap bar of the car the young man rode tonight as well”


 Correction: An earlier version of this story named the incorrect park as the site of the accident.