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PATERSON, N.J. — A good samaritan called Paterson Animal Control after seeing a white Nissan speed down Granite Avenue, open the passenger door and throw a dog in a crate out onto the street.

Volunteers from Ramapo Bergen Animal Refuge said the shitzu-poodle mix was found matted and emaciated.

“It looked like a birds nest of hair and urine sealed over his eyes,” said Frannie Laurita, a volunteer manager for RBARI.

They rushed him to Oradell Animal Hospital where he is still recovering. Vets say the dog is less than half his healthy weight.

“He’s able to kind of sit up and hold himself up with his front legs which is a big, huge improvement in the short amount of time,” said Diana Dulaney. “We are giving him some nutritional support slowly, as you can see the condition that he is in, we can’t feed him too much too quickly.”

RBARI volunteers have named him Grant, and they hope he will be granted a new home after he gets well in about a month.

Meanwhile, the Passaic County SPCA said that they know who did this.

They plan to file 10 charges of animal cruelty tonight. If convicted, the person who allegedly tossed Grant could face up to $30,000 in fines and up to 60 months in jail.

RBARI is seeking donations to help pay for Grant’s medical needs.

“If you have an animal that you don’t want, there are shelters, there are rescues, there are so many, so many different things to do than to throw them out of a car door,” said Laurita.