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NEW YORK — Yvonne Stennett and Jeremy Kohomban are developing affordable housing with their own families in mind.

Stennett is the Executive Director of The Community League of the Heights, and Kohomban is the President and CEO of The Children’s Village. Both organizations have a long history of serving underprivileged communities in northern Manhattan.

And now, they are joining forces to create a better future in Inwood — by redeveloping the neighborhood’s public library to include 175 units of permanent and affordable apartments.

The project is called “The Eliza,” and broke ground in late September. It was named in honor of Eliza Hamilton, a long-time northern Manhattan resident, who, after the death of her husband, Alexander Hamilton, became known for her philanthropic work.

The apartments will be built with input from the community in mind, and will feature a residents-only amenity area on the top floor, including a lounge, gym, laundry room and terrace.

The existing library will also be transformed into one that is state-of-the-art.

Residents will also have access to broadband internet, something that many children didn’t have during remote learning.

Stennett and Kohomban plan to collaborate again in the future.