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For five decades, Advocates For Children of New York has been working to help thousands of *at-risk kids* across the city get a fair shot at an education. 

“We represent families whose children are the most impacted by education inequities. Children who live in homelessness, who are experiencing barriers to education who are in the juvenile justice system for example,” explained the Director of AFC’s Parent Center, Lilliana Díaz-Pedrosa. 

“We provide services in a number of different ways, the main service that we offer is our help line,” added Díaz-Pedrosa. 

Through the helpline, parents can get information on their legal rights if they think their child may be facing school discrimination of any kind. They can also get guidance on all types of education-related issues in New York City. In addition to the helpline, Advocates For Children offers free trainings, workshops, guides for parents…Along with a resource library on it’s website. 

“When we support a child who has special education needs and we help them access services, or we help the family navigate the school system, that has long term impact for that family and for that community as well, ” said Díaz-Pedrosa. 

Advocates for Children has also seen many of the families then work with deal with a host of additional challenges because of the COVID pandemic.  

“They have been particularly impacted by the inequities that covid has exacerbated,” explained Díaz-Pedrosa, “we have been trying to get families as much support as we can by providing as much information as possible.” 

That includes focusing on virtual options, like putting their workshops and webinars on the organization’s YouTube channel. 

Advocates for Children also works with ADAPT to help families that are part of the ADAPT Community Network.  

“ADAPT is an agency that has worked in partnership with Advocates for Children for many years and we’ve offered support through workshops, but also their families have come to us with questions,” said Díaz-Pedrosa. 

If you want to learn more information about the services Advocates for Children offers, or how you can donate to the organization, you can visit their website by clicking here, or call their helpline: 866-427-6033